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The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Series

The Content Wrangler Content Strategy Book Series from XML Press gives content professionals a road map for success. Each volume provides practical advice, best practices, and lessons learned from the most knowledgeable content strategists in the world. Currently, there are eight books in the series, with several more coming in 2018, including The Language of Cybersecurity and The Language of Learning.

Cover of The Language of Content Strategy

The Language of Content Strategy is the gateway to the world of content strategy. With fifty-two contributors, all known for their depth of knowledge, these books define the terms that form the core of an emerging profession and, as a result, help shape the profession. The terms span a range of competencies within the broad area of content strategy.

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Front Cover image for Author Experience

Author Experience (AX) focuses on the value of managing the communication process effectively and efficiently from the point of view of those who actually create and manage content.

Author Experience identifies the all-too-common inconsistencies and cognitive hurdles that make so many content management systems hard to use, and it describes how CMS vendors can make their products work better for authors.

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Cover for Land book 165x255

Successful content strategy projects start with knowing the quantity, type, and quality of your existing assets. Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook, by Paula Land, shows you how to begin with an automated inventory, scope and plan an audit, evaluate content against business and user goals, and move forward with a set of useful, actionable insights.

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Nearly every organization needs to serve customers around the world. Global Content Strategy describes how to build a global content strategy that addresses analysis, planning, development, delivery, and consumption of global content that will serve customers wherever they are.

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Nichols front cover

Kevin P. Nichols’ Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide outlines best practices for conducting and executing content strategy projects. His book is a step-by-step guide to building an enterprise content strategy for your organization.

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Today, everything is marketing. All of the content we produce affects the customer experience. Therefore, all content is marketing and all content producers are marketers. We need to take control of our content Intelligent content gives us the means to create higher quality, more reusable content more efficiently.

In Intelligent Content: A Primer, Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper, and Scott Abel, have joined forces to bring you a clear, practical introduction that will get you started with intelligent content.

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Language of Technical Communication front cover

The Language of Technical Communication has a dual objective: define the terms that form the core of technical communication as it is practiced today and predict where the field will go in the future. The choice of terms defined in this book followed two overarching principles: include all aspects of the discipline of technical communication, not just technical writing, and select terms that will be relevant into the foreseeable future.

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Cover image of The Language of Localization

The Language of Localization defines 52 terms that every business professional should know, even professionals who do not specialize in localization. In a global market, every business person needs to understand the importance of localization and be able to speak intelligently with localization professionals.

Expertly compiled and edited by Katherine Brown-Hoekstra, this book is a useful reference for localization experts, managers, students, and any business person who works in a global market.

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